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Confidence and Personal Development Coaching for Businesses and Individuals

Confidence and Personal Development Coaching for Businesses and Individuals


About Relight - Mind & Body

Relight - Mind & Body

 Confidence and Personal Development Coaching for individuals and businesses.

What will Relight do for you?

Confidence and personal development coaching for businesses and individuals, providing men and women from all backgrounds the confidence and ability to be a better version of themselves.

What will you get in return?

Happy and confident staff and a happier and more confident you.  

As an employer you have a responsibility to recognise when your staff aren't performing to their best abilities, so by helping them to be a better version of themselves by bringing out their confidence and helping them feel happier, you are creating an inner harmony and happiness within them making them more productive and responsive at work. A happy mind is a healthy mind.  Confidence and self-awareness will be boosted making work a happier place.  The wealth of appreciation and understanding that your staff will personally develop will enable them to benefit you and your business.  But it will also provide them with harmony, contentment and confidence on a personal level too.

As an individual you will overcome those barriers that have been holding you back and learn how to take the biggest steps towards becoming the best you can be.

Coaching. Mentoring. Relighting.

About Us

About Me


I am a Mum, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend and Personal Development Coach. I would like to help you, the individual, the boss, the employee to become a Better Version of Yourself both at home and at work.

But there's more.


 Relight Mind and Body also offers guided fitness and coaching sessions to help improve your Strength, Fitness Levels, Physique and mental attitude towards becoming fitter. All levels of ability are welcome.

So Don't Delay


Be it Personal Development at home, or in the workplace for you or your colleagues or coached fitness sessions, Relight Mind and Body is there for you.

Coaching. Mentoring. Relighting.


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Everyone deserves to be heard, so please drop me a line by email or give me a call and I will endeavour to help you. 

Coaching. Mentoring. Relighting.

Relight - Mind & Body

Bangor, Northern Ireland



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